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October 4, 2010

My Good Friend Who Is A Dog went out for his late night pee. As dogs go, I always thought that “Hey He” was a smart fellow, but…

Apparently, he tried to sniff the ass of a skunk, and it let him have it. Poor guy! As anyone that has experience with skunks know, they stink… and promote projectile vomiting!

When I was a child, I learned that the “old wive’s tales” were just that… bullshit! Tomato juice and lemon juice were a waste of tomato juice and lemon juice.

In my search for a remedy, I found a product made by “Nature’s Miracle” described as “skunk odor remover”. Now, I thought that “I don’t want some “natural” remedy. I want something manufactured by a chemist”. But, I’ll be goddamned, it worked!