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Hiding in the Bushes?

April 11, 2010

Kevin Bylund’s last post over at Ammonoidea included a photograph of some very small gastropods(<1mm). It had me wondering… were they proto-gastropods(juveniles), or were the critters adult forms? I'm not much on that new stuff(well, kind of new, they are early Mesozoic).

Similarly sized proto-gastropods are common in some beds of the Lexington Lm(late Middle Ordovician-early Late Ordovician). They are usually found intimately associated with sponges and corals. Apparently, the little critters were seeking protection from larger predators or currents???

Any thoughts? Have you found similar associations?

The tabulate Foerstephyllum sp. on which two species of proto-gastropods were found.

Platycerid and murchisoniid proto-gastropods-mag x30(most of the gastropods from the unit are Cyclonema varicosum and Loxonema sp., though an occasional eotomarid or tergomyid will show up). Close up of above.

A Solenopora sp. sponge with murchisoniid proto-gastropods(see above).

Again, a close up of the above(note the probe for scale).