Another Ordovician Trepostomate

A while back, while working a rather new outcrop of the Millersburg member of the Lexington, I was having little luck finding anything worthy. So, on a whim, I decided to walk a few hundred meters down the road and about 10m down in the rock column to an outcrop of the Tanglewood member.

The Tanglewood was deposited near shore and above wave base, so the fossils(what few are there) are generally very abraded and of poor quality. But occasionally, I find a lens of mudstone within the Tanglewood that preserves some nice critters.

Unfortunately, this was not to be one of those days. Though, I did find a nice trepostomate bryzoan that I brought home.

I’m not much on the Bryzoa, but this one appears to be a Heterotrypa sp.

Here it is glued back together.


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    […] Another Ordovician Trepostomate « Swimming The Ordovician Seas […]

  3. Caterer in Miami Says:

    I don’t normally comment but I gotta state appreciate it for the post on this perfect one : D.

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