Near The Beach

I was in Frankfort Ky. today, and had a little time to spare, so I stopped by an outcrop that I hadn’t visited since the winter. The outcrop is at the contact of the Millersburg/Tanglewood members of the Lexington Limestone, and was deposited in late Mohawkian/Chatfieldian time. The Millersburg was deposited above wave base, and the fossils are, generally, abraded(but not here). The Tanglewood was near shore and beach stuff. It is pretty small-as outcrops go around here-about 2m high and about 15m wide.

In a bed about a meter below the contact, numerous diplobathrid crinoids are found… some of which are intimately associated with odontopleurid trilobites.

I have mentioned the outcrop a couple of times before(like here and here). I found it on a fluke; I was trying to find another outcrop in which a friend had pulled a beautiful Gravicalymene, and I’m glad that I did! It has turned out to be one of the most productive “gardens” that I have ever come across. Though, I have only collected the talus, I have pulled over 100 Reteocrinus sp.(I quit counting) and two other genera of crinoid.

Recently, I have been pulling rare odontopleurid trilobites from the site. When I was younger(and had decent vision), I could spot a trilobite fragment from two meters. But now, I almost have to be on top of the thing to see it! I kind of wonder if the reason that I missed the trilobite fragments, at first, was because I had mentally blocked out everything but crinoids???

Then, last year, a crinoid stem led a thorax of what I assumed was an odontopleurid(thorax about 7mm).

When I found the first one, I started noticing more of the critters.
Primaspis sp.(about 1cm)

Well… apparently, those two plus the one in the link are all that I photographed.

So, back to today. I visited the site today, and noticed the spiny posterior of some more Primaspis.

A pygidium ventral(looks like there might be more to this one, adjacent)

Of course, littering the ground are the ever present rhynconellids

And strophonemids(brach about 4 cm)

Some heavily encrusted with Cornulites(again, scale same as above).

A cute little orthid(Hebertella)

And, the best for last.

I generally find Reteocrinus sp., at this site, associated with trepostomate bryzoans (I have found a couple holdfasts, but I don’t think that they are from the Reteocrinus-the morphology is wrong).

I happened to look down into some talus that I had chucked before, and whoa! 3 hotties on a slab.

Close up of the two on the left.

The one on the right.

Those should prep out nice!

A little later I spotted a stone that had two; one that had disarticulated at the infrabasals, but most of it is there(width of photo about 7cm).

This one that might be hard to see(the brachials on the lower right are an extenuation of the one above).

To finish off, some bioturbation from the bed above.

All in all it was a good day to be near the “beach”.


2 Responses to “Near The Beach”

  1. Kentuckiana Mike Says:

    Wow! The Reteocrinus calyx plate you found is amazing. I look forward to seeing what they look like after you prepped them.

    Looks like I need to make a trip to Frankfort now. 🙂

    Congratulations on that find.

  2. Solius Symbiosus Says:

    If you want to see the outcrop, send me an email: solius_symbiosus “at” yahoo “dot” com

    I’ll be down in your neck of the woods today, I have some business this morning, but I hope to check out an outcrop or two in the metro area this afternoon.

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