Unknown Critter/Flora

I have encountered this strange structure a few times in my quest to understanding the Ordovician of Kentucky. It is rarely seen, and I always ignored the thing since it didn’t seem relevant to what I was studying. Though recently, I found a few of these, intimately associated, in what might be a lagoonal environment???*

That grabbed my attention, and I submitted photos of this thing to several well known paleo-researchers. Most had no ideal, but Dr. Young clued me in! Probably, algal balls. He suggested a thin section would be determinate, but I still haven’t cut the thing.

When informed of Dr. Young’s opinion, another researcher concurred, but he hadn’t seen any, this large, from the local biota; one other was skeptical.

So, have you seen anything similar?

mag x20

These were found in a mud bed, of limited lateral extent(a few meters), interbedded within the calcarenites of the Tanglewood mb. of the Lexington Limestone.

*perhaps, that is my familiarity with the barrier islands???

Too, why can't I figure out the code of wordpress?

I’m not a ‘puter geek, but I thought that the site was HTML??? Any suggestions?


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3 Responses to “Unknown Critter/Flora”

  1. 5. Climate Change — isn’t it natural? | consequences of global warming Says:

    […] Unknown Critter/Flora […]

  2. Kentuckiana Mike Says:

    The unknown fossil looks like something the Dry Dredgers found on their March 2010 field trip. It is described as maybe: “a group of small clams or inarticulate Brachiopods.” It is listed in the Problematica and Pseudofossils section.

    See image: http://www.drydredgers.org/trip201003/large/IMGP5857.jpg

    Entire report at: http://www.drydredgers.org/trip201003p1.htm

  3. Solius Symbiosus Says:

    Thanks for the link, Mike.

    While, the their example doesn’t exhibit the same radial patterns, I think that they might be the same critter… cyanophyte???

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