Not Seen, Often

Years ago, while at a friend’s farm in Anderson Co. Kentucky, I noticed a small bed of rock(calcilutite) in the Clays Ferry Formation(early Late Ordovician) that was composed of, almost entirely, “orthoceras” cephalopods and partial pieces of the trilobite Isotelus gigas. Upon further examination, I discovered that the bed contained quite a few complete, or nearly complete, trilobites.

With a little patience, and a hammer, one could pull, at least, one or two complete “bugs” with every trip.

One day while working the creek, I noticed a piece of float that contained 5 crinoid heads. I left the area shortly after, and unfortunately, was never able to locate the bed that contained the crinoids. Interestingly enough, the piece of float also contained a few conulariids(I’ll post those soon). The reason for the post is this beautiful, and somewhat rare, disparid crinoid-Columbicrinus sp. that was found that day. It is the best of the bunch. Now, that I am back in the area, I hope that the bed that contained this handsome critter will finally be located.

The grid is 1/4in(0.625cm)

Same scale


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