A Few Crinoids

A quick post to show some of the crinoids that I have pulled from one of the outcrops that I have been working in Franklin Co. Ky.

These were collected from, what is probably, the beginning of the Late Ordovician. All are Reteocrinus sp., and all scales are approximate.

This is one of the first sights that I saw when I walked up to the outcrop. Within a few centimeters of this stone, I found five more similar.

found beside the one above

Same as above after “blasting” it with 30 micron dolomite and sodium bicarb

At least four on this one(width of photo about 11cm

Maybe, NSFW if you are crinoid(notice the tegmen)

Nice rock

Up close of the one above(sorry about the over exposure)


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2 Responses to “A Few Crinoids”

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