Duke Wins!

Congratulations to Duke on their fourth national  div 1a championship. Duke beat Butler tonight, 61-59, in a nail bitter.



2 Responses to “Duke Wins!”

  1. Ben S. Says:

    Come on Tim…I really liked this site until I saw the Duke post…traitor…

  2. Solius Symbiosus Says:

    I know… the congratulatory salutation was a hard pill to swallow, but they did win! I had been predicting something similar to 83 or 85(how fun was that year?) all through the tournament, and Butler almost did it. Oh well… it was an exciting tournament, anyway.

    I think that it was 84 that Billy’s(remember him?) team almost pulled an upset? I was visiting Roanoke, regularly, a few years ago, but I couldn’t remember his last name. so, I couldn’t look him. If you remember, send me an email.

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